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Twin Flame Guidance & Intuitive Readings With Lady Dyanna

your path clearly shown

Lady Dyanna gives Live Psychic Intuitive Readings by phone or by e-mail.
This is the place to come for Intuitive Readings on Relationship, Career, Love, Money family and other issues. Want to know if the person you just met is that special someone? If your current relationship is ever going to move forward are you ever going to get a raise or should you just move on...These and other questions answered by Lady Dyanna

Lady Dyanna offers:

  • Psychic readings
  • Life questions
  • Twin Flame
  • Relationship Readings
  • one topic multi question tarot reading

  • Payment Options for Phone & E-Mail Readings

    One Topic Multi question Tarot Reading $42.00
    Lady Dyanna
    1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01774091

    E-Mail Reading

    E-Mail Reading $42.00

    25.00 Love and Relationship Reading

    Multi-topic e-mail readings $60.00

    $1.97 per minute Basic Intuitive Readings
    Lady Dyanna
    1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01774100

    $1.70 per Minute Lady Dyanna Special
    Lady Dyanna
    1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 01774051

    3 Free Minutes for First time Callers $1.70 per minute Reading

    You may also book a session here Appointments

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