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Twin Flames
By Lady Dyanna, Ph.D

I have looked at lots of information on Twin Flames, Soul mates and Karmic partnerships. I want to focus on Twin Flame Relationships. A twin Flame relationship is brought about when one soul shares two bodies. There are two obvious reasons why Twin Flames seek each other out one is for the reuniting of the two souls into one, the other would be the creating of Divine Love which is the greatest power in the Universe. For most who find themselves working on a Twin Flame relationship this is meant to be your soul's last visit to this reality. Each time a Twin Flame relationship works as it should it goes a long ways toward correcting the balance in this reality. Because the balance in this reality has so obviously tilted to the side of Chaos and Negativity what should be a joyous reunion between souls have become an uphill battle all the way. The Twin Flame relationship is different in that the relationship starts with soul recognition. Usually the body that the souls occupy is nothing like what you would seek as your "ideal mate" the person may be shorter, chubbier, different nationality or faith than you would normally be attracted to etc...read article

The Top Ten Things You Must Do in Order to Create Positive Outcomes in your Life
By Victoria Wizell, C.M. Ht.

Why is it so difficult to change?

Usually when we were growing up, even if we grew up in a highly positive environment, it's likely we heard the word "No" or other negative statements quite often. And certainly much more often than we heard the word "Yes" particularly from the greatest hypnotists on earth, our well-intentioned parents. For example: "Don't get into that." "Not right now." "Stay out of that." The answer to "Can I have this?" "No" "Stop doing that." Etc. These statements seem quite meaningless at the time and nobody meant any harm by using these negative words around us. They likely only responded according to their level of awareness at that time. This is under the best circumstances. The damage is multiplied when there is abusive to consider, which is quite common.
Why these words have such an impact is that between ages 0 and 4 years old, approximately 50% of our beliefs about the world and ourselves are in place. Our beliefs influence our feelings, which influence our behavior and our behavior influences the results we have in our lives. Between ages 4 and 8 another 30% is put in place. And between ages 8 and 18 another 15%. That means 95% of our programming, most of which is negative, is hardwired into our brains by the time we our 18 years old. Our behavior does not change much after we graduate from high school, unless we do some major work on our personal growth... read article