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Booking an Appointment

You may book an appointment by e-mailAppointment

Please include in your e-mail the following information:

  • Preferred appointment date and time[please choose from the schedule listed]

  • Your time zone

  • The desired length of your appointment [60 minutes or 90 minutes]

  • Your desired method of communication[phone you call me, phone I call you[include your phone number], skype, or e-mail]

    What you can expect

    I will respond to confirm your appointment via e-mail and give you the information you need to contact me.

  • Here is my available schedule, please note that the listed time is the starting time of your appointment

  • Monday~~~~~~~12 am EDT
  • Monday~~~~~~~11 am EDT
  • Monday~~~~~~~ 8 pm EDT
  • Tuesday~~~~~~12 am EDT
  • Tuesday~~~~~~11 am EDT
  • Tuesday~~~~~~ 7 pm EDT
  • Wednesday~~~~12 am EDT
  • Thursday~~~~~11 am EDT
  • Thursday~~~~~ 5 pm EDT
  • Friday~~~~~~~12 am EDT
  • Saturday~~~~~12 pm EDT
  • Saturday~~~~~10 pm EDT
  • Sunday~~~~~~~12 am EDT
  • Sunday~~~~~~~10 am EDT